Simplifying Your Life

Minimalism: The Art Of Simplifying Your Stuff To Simplify Your Life

by Candice Lopez

Do you often feel like you're being pulled in 100 different directions? Does your life feel overly cluttered and crazy? One way to simplify your life is to simplify the things around you. This philosophy has come to be known as minimalism. At its core, it's the idea that when you only own things that are important to you, you have more time and energy left to focus on the things that really have meaning in life. Consider using minimalism as a way to simplify your experience.

How can you get started with minimalism?

There are many ways to get started with minimalism. Some people jump into the lifestyle in one weekend, donating everything they don't absolutely need. Others give away 10 or 15 items a week until they get down to the bare essentials. If you're looking for a realistic, approachable way to dip your foot into this lifestyle and see if it works for you, try the following approach:

  1. Rent a storage unit, such as from

  2. Go through your home, room by room, packing everything you don't use or need into boxes and putting them in the storage unit.

  3. Pay attention to your use of the items you leave in your home. As you come across items you can substitute another item for, put those into storage, too.

  4. Once an item has been in storage and unneeded for 3 months, you can consider it unneeded and donate or sell it.

How minimalist is minimalist enough?

There are minimalists who only own 100 things. There are others who own a few thousand things. As long as everything you own has a purpose and you don't continue to bring additional items into your life unless they add value to your life, you are a minimalist. It may take you a few months or years to settle on the possessions you need, and the things you need may change over time. That's okay. Minimalism is a process, not a destination. By clearing the clutter, you'll leave yourself more space for clarity and thought.

Does minimalism work for everyone?

Some people are more drawn to minimalism than others. Some feel a lack of comfort, or even stress, if they are not surrounded by a plethora of items. For these people, minimalism may not be ideal. However, the majority of people can benefit from simplifying their lives, whether that means throwing away 15 things or downsizing their entire collection of possessions.