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Relevant Factors To Assess When Choosing A Storage Unit

by Candice Lopez

A storage unit becomes very important when you need extra room for personal possessions that don't fit in your home. As long as you review these factors, you can find an optimal storage solution that's easy to use for the foreseeable future.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Facility

You're either going to rent a storage unit that's inside a facility or one that's outside. You want to look into both options to really see what's going to be best for your storage needs. For instance, if you have really sensitive products that warrant ample product and potentially specific temperatures, the indoor storage unit will be best.

Whereas if you're just putting some old furniture in this storage unit for the time being, you can rent an outdoor unit and be totally fine from a protection standpoint. Look at the things you're storing to figure out which unit design makes the most sense.


Your ability to get into your storage unit and leave the storage facility falls under accessibility and it's an important factor to look into. Ideally, you want to be able to get in quickly and out without having to perform a bunch of steps. Storage facilities that have keypad entry gates would help with this.

You can enter in a unique combination and the gate will open for you, making entry possible without assistance. Then when you leave, this gate should automatically open once you get close enough to its sensors. You may want to visit storage units in person too to see how accessible they are for owners. 

Management Style

Regardless of where you get a storage unit and its size, you want to make sure you review the management style of the entire facility. This matters for a couple of reasons. For instance, if management is pretty hands-on, then you can trust your unit will be looked after well and that matters for keeping your items secure.

You might also look for management that's easy to work with because you may have to use this storage unit for months and months. Talking to the storage facility manager in person is probably the best way to get a sense of their approach to management. 

If you want to get a storage unit to store possessions for months or years, make sure you review helpful aspects like features, accessibility, and management. Then you'll have enough information to focus on particular units from specific facilities. For more information, contact a company such as Five Star Storage Company.