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How To Move Over The Holidays Without Losing Your Head

by Candice Lopez

Relocating during the holiday season has its pros and cons just like moving during other parts of the year. As usual, however, the pros know all the inside tips and tricks that make holiday relocation trouble-free. Here are some of these tips and tricks:

Make an Early Booking

The moving season witnesses a reasonable number of moves, so you need to plan your move and book your preferred moving company in advance. Most people move during this period because planning and executing a move isn't easy, and this is the only time they have to do all those things. Lock in your preferred moving dates and your preferred moving company by making an early booking.

Donate to De-clutter

It is always a good idea to de-clutter the home when moving so that you don't carry unnecessary things to your new destination. One way of de-cluttering is to donate some of these items to other people or charities. Sure, you can donate things to those in need during any time of the year, but it will certainly be extra special during the holidays because so many people crave gifts during this time but don't get them.

Be Mindful of the Weather

Depending on which holiday you have selected to move, the prevailing weather can be rather crappy. Take this into consideration when buying packing and moving supplies or even when executing the actual packing. You need materials that will protect your items from the weather elements and from the unpredictable or rough driving over poor road conditions. You don't want your fine china to break when the moving truck skids over icy roads because you didn't pack them properly.

Get a Traffic Report

People travel a lot during the holiday season, so you should expect the roads to be particularly crowded. People will be going for celebrations, moving houses, or relocating for jobs. Some of the roads may also be blocked for celebrations, such as carnivals. At the same time, the weather may also interfere with some normal driving routes. Therefore, give your local municipality a call to understand the planned road blocks and maintenance so that you can avoid the affected roads.

Of course, the above are not the only tips professional moving companies take when moving over the holidays; these are just a few examples. The next time you want to move, consult a professional moving company like Walsh Moving & Storage to take advantage of their knowledge and experience.