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3 Tips For Storing Your Yard Equipment For Winter

by Candice Lopez

When you have a large yard but live somewhere that gets frequent snow and colder temperatures during the winter, you may be interested in having some of your things stored away when the weather isn't nice out.

Instead of hoping that your yard equipment stays in undamaged shape over the winter or buying a shed that will still lack insulation, it's best to investigate storage unit rentals that can provide the secure storage that you want.

Get Everything Cleaned Up

The first thing you need to do before putting any lawn equipment away is have it cleaned up. For lawnmowers, this means turning it over and cleaning inside the blades and removing any grass and grime that's been stuck inside.

Letting this kind of mess sit for months while in storage can worsen the issue and make it nearly impossible to clean later. Having everything cleaned up with the right equipment can also ensure that when you remove things from storage later your items will still be in decent shape and ready to use during the spring without a lot of extra maintenance.

Remove Any Oil or Liquids

For anything that requires oil to run, such as an edge trimmer or lawnmower, it's important to have any oil removed thoroughly before taking care of putting things into storage. This can help make sure that your storage unit doesn't have anything flammable that could be a risk for renting the unit. Siphoning out everything can also give you an opportunity to deep clean your equipment so that you won't need to worry about damage being done to the lawn equipment.

Following some guides for cleaning up your tools with a professional can help get any liquids removed safely so that you can move forward with putting things into storage.

Insist on Climate Control

With how sensitive some of your equipment can be, it's vital for you to focus on getting climate control that can protect your things. Looking for storage facilities that offer climate control and units that are the right size for your needs can help relieve any stress you may have over keeping your things in undamaged shape.

Being cautious when choosing the right storage unit and getting your equipment ready can make a significant difference in making sure things stay in good condition. With the above tips in mind, you'll know how to get started with setting up the storage unit so that your yard equipment can be ready to use after winter is over.