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Having Trouble Downsizing Your Stuff? How Staging Your Goods Helps

by Candice Lopez

When many people downsize, they have a tendency either to get rid of too many things or to keep too much. Both paths can, unfortunately, cause problems later. One way to prevent this over- or under-estimating of needs is to use storage for staging purposes. How can you stage items to facilitate downsizing? Here are two strategies you might try. 

1. Stage Your 'Maybe' Pile

Most experts recommend that someone planning to downsize makes three categories. These are: get rid of, keep, and 'undecided'. A storage unit can help you sort through your 'undecided' or 'maybe' pile. 

With the strategy, take your 'maybe' category of household goods and place them in storage so you can reach your downsizing goal. When storing these things, make a note of a target time frame to make a decision. You might decide, for instance, that if you haven't needed any items — or perhaps haven't even thought about them — in 6 or 12 months, you should get rid of them. 

This plan also allows you to retrieve items from storage that you later decide you do need or want. You can easily separate what 'made the cut' as you go, so the remaining goods can be discarded with confidence. 

2. Stage Rotated Items 

Some items are hard to discard because you do use them — but on an irregular basis. This leaves many downsizers in a real dilemma. Storage units can provide an easy solution, though. Keep the things offsite that you use only occasionally. This plan keeps your needs to a minimum because things are always going in and out of storage. You also regularly access the storage unit to monitor the condition of your stuff. 

Within this plan, you might opt for two distinct storage spaces to improve organization. One would be for seasonal items rotated on a regular schedule — things like holiday decorations and summer sports gear. You essentially replace one set of stored gear for another set. Some people then add a separate storage area for irregularly-used goods with no set schedule. This area can be less accessible due to its irregularity. 

Which method could aid you in reaching your downsizing goal? No matter whether you need temporary storage to help make decisions or a permanent place to stage cyclical goods, a storage unit is an easy solution.

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