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Top 5 Items Stored In Self-Storage Units

by Candice Lopez

Most people are turning to self-storage units for their personal storage needs. Whether it's to declutter their homes, keep items while in transition, allow home renovations, or any other reason, it's a growing trend that has no signs of stopping. In fact, many people have realized that hiring self-storage units is cheaper than building extra storage spaces or renting additional rooms. While a broad category of goods can be accommodated in storage units, here are some items that you can store in these units.


You might find that you're running out of space at home because of the furniture items you have accumulated. But for some reason, you don't want to sell these items. Perhaps one of the chairs is a gift from a loved one or your grandfather's old sofa. If this is the case, the smartest option is to store your furniture in a self-storage unit. Besides, you might move to a bigger house in the future that will accommodate all your belongings. 

Artwork Pieces and Collectibles

You might have some artwork pieces in your home that you're attached to. Maybe it's a painting you received as a graduation gift or a sculpture you got from your travels. If you're traveling to another city for work duties, you might not be ready to carry along all these items. Therefore, you can keep them in a self-storage unit until you return. 

Documents, Files, Photos, and Books

There are those documents and files that you don't use every day. At the same time, you don't want to carry them everywhere you go due to the risk of getting damaged or lost. Any family photos or books that you treasure may also be attacked by pests or molds if not properly stored. 

Thanks to self-storage units, you can store all these things and relax, knowing they won't get lost or damaged. When you're ready to have them again, you can always retrieve them from the storage unit. 

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items include any clothes and accessories you only use during specific times of the year. This includes Christmas decorations, Halloween clothing, ski gear, and summer clothing. Until their specific seasons arrive, you might not need them. As such, instead of having these items occupy all the space in your house, you can keep them in a self-storage unit until when they're needed. This not only saves space but also keeps your belongings away from rodents. 


You might have some old electronics that you don't want to throw away just yet. An example is an old video game unit that you used in your youthful days, but you might want to play again in the future. Keeping these electronic items in a self-storage unit ensures they are safe and protected. 

For more information, contact a self-storage facility